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PhD journey

Completing a PhD is difficult, but rewarding. It is easier with support and advice. PhD Paths supports PhD students, particularly those from professional backgrounds such as information systems, education, engineering, law and medicine, through all stages of their journey. Whether you are still deciding whether to enroll, applying for a program, starting your research, or deep into it, PhD Paths can help with advice, tools and tricks and the motivation you need.

The PhD is an academic qualification, and not always a good fit for professionals. PhD Paths explains the academic culture and expectations and gives you the tools to succeed. It also helps you to understand how a PhD can complement your professional career and how to get the most out of your PhD experience.

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PhD Paths is created by Judy Backhouse. She completed a PhD in Education, researching PhD programs in South Africa and went on to run the PhD program in Information Systems at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa. PhD Paths is where she shares what she has learned about doctoral studies, her experiences and advice to guide you on your PhD journey.

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